How to use beard oil


wp7A lot of folks have written in and ask me how to use the beard oils they they have purchased from us so I thought I would write a short set of instructions for you guys. Firstly there is nothing hard about using our beard oils just follow the directions below and you will have that scruff clean, manageable and healthy in no time flat.

The best time to apply your beard oil is when you beard is it’s cleanest. Whether you have just cleaned your bear with a beard scrub, beard wash or have just gotten out of the shower now is the best time to apply the beard oil.

Once your beard is clean and dry simply pour the desired amount of oil into the palm of your hand and then rub your palms together, making sure to cover your fingers as well. When applying, always start at the roots of your beard (at the skin) and work your way out. It’s important to get the oil down into the roots because that will keep your beard healthy and strong. Work the oil, roots to ends, through your whole beard.

But, how much beard oil do I use you might ask. Well if you just starting to grow your beard comb3you will only want to use about 4 drops. If you have a mid-size beard you will want to start with about six drops and a larger beard could take eight to ten drops but you will need to experiment a little in order to get just the right amount for your beard. Remember to much will make you beard fell heavy and soggy and if you use to little it will not have any real effect on your beard. TIPS:  People work outside in very dry hot parts of the country may find that they need to reapply a small amount of oil part way through the day, usually just a few drops to keep their scruff moisturized and looking its best. If you have a large beard a beard comb especially a wooden beard comb will help make the process quicker and easier.


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